Herzlich Willkommen . . .
Herzlich Willkommen . . .


Our holiday-apartmens Harz Cottage in Bad Lauterberg im Harz provide a perfect, central location. For those who are looking for relaxation and those who enjoy adventures – you can have both.


From our apartments you can start various daytrips to discover the whole rang of leisure facilities and the beautiful landscape. You can reach a couple of attractions within a short walk or by car.


Just a few steps from the apartment, you’ll reach the shopping-boulevard where you can find restaurants and shops. Saturdays, the mainstreet will be set up in a very special atmosphere. You will find a small market with culinary delicacies and some musicians playing in the streets.


Bad Lauterberg is a very varied and modern town which is located in the south oft he Harz Mountains and surrounded by the mountains oft he Nationalpark. The City is also known for its special health- spa-area.


Pictures around the Harz Cottage

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